Mastering Stress, Emotional balance and Everyday Brilliance

Do you find that you can concentrate easily one day at work and not the next?
Can emotions get the better of you in an argument with a loved one and you start blurting out things you don’t mean?
Do you struggle with presentations at work and often go blank?

Well, all of these come from the same response in our body…

This workshop will teach you how to perform to your optimal level everyday, teach you how to alter your stress response and master the signals going from the body to the brain. The exercises will help you make better decisions at work and help you deal with emotions more effectively in everyday life.

Our heart is our primary source of power in the body. Actually it sends more signals to the brain than the other way round! This workshop teaches you how to harness this power and perform to your best whenever you want to.

By using yogic techniques that have inspired a whole new field of science, learn how to live a life of purpose and success.


This two hour workshop consists of:

– A 60 minute lecture with live demonstrations of the stress response and how to alter it. Questions and answers.

– 1 hour yoga class practising the techniques for you to take away.

Workshop Schedule

There are no upcoming events at this time.